Fishing Report

June 2011
June was an up and down month here in vt...a lot of rain caused high water most of the month...the fishing was very good when you could get on the water!! East Creek had the big trophy fish and they were fun to play with on any given day...still some of them left but you have to hunt for them!! The smaller streams are fishing really well with a plain ole #14 elk hair caddis doing most of the damage...right now with the water levels and temps i cant think of a better time to come fishing in July!
It's going to be nuts!
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August 2010
The streams have finally gotten low and its made the fish in the big water very lazy!! Yesterday Otter Creek at 6:30am was 68 a few hours out of it and caught a few fish but nothing great!! We've been shut out the last two times looking for big rainbows in East Creek...but on the other hand the small streams are fishing just awesome!! Hoppers and missing link caddis are just crushing em!! Tuesday with Nick we banged 35 fish in 3 hours...some over ten inches...all on hoppers. Yesterday with Steve and Ben on the Furnace Brook we had lots of takes and misses and catches on the caddis...great fun!! Looks like a cool down tomorrow night and that will help!! Hope everybody is still after em and not giving up...remember in 3 weeks its a whole nother season:)

July 2010

Happy belated 4th to all:)...had a busy time over the last week...summer is finally here and right now it's 62 inside at the vise and 93 and humid outside!! The fishing was solid over the weekend with a mix of browns, brooks and rainbows!! I fished Thursday with folks and we got into 7 big rainbows before lunch...only one after that as it was rainy and windy!! We did pick up a dozen smaller fish while looking for big uns:) Friday fished with Doc and we had a hoot in the afternoon landing 10 rainbows in the 12 inch range all wild and then a bunch of brooks and brownies all on a caddis...great fun...throw in a cane rod and it was even more fun!! Saturday and Sunday heated up and the water got warm!! We landed  and measured a rainbow Sunday am that went 24.5 inches...what a fight. We had to head to the mountians by 11am-ish to avoid the heat and stressing the fish in the larger warmer water!...but we sure had fun...lots of takes on a dry fly and more fish than I can count...landed most between 6 and 10 inches. Monday headed to Furnace and fished in a canyon type setting where it was cooler and wow were the fish on!! Once again the ole #14 pa-ph caddis did the trick...we saw 2 other guys fishing, first time all year I have seen anybody up there, oh well:) Don't let the heat scare ya off...mountain streams still running in the low 60s and plenty of fish  and they are not all 20 inches but with the right rod one hell of a good time can be had!
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June 2010

Surf is up this am folks :)...we got a ton of rain last night!! Its going to be a couple of days at least in the Killington area before things get back to normal...over the last week I have been on the water daily with people and we are still having a great time!! Tuesday was a cool morning, fished with Steve from Arizona...we finally got it right after 2 hours of not setting the hook and ended the 4 hour session with 9 hookups and 4 landed. Wednesday was much of the same with a beginner fisherman that came along quick and learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Thursday was just another gangbuster day for 2 seasoned anglers...we had 12 big rainbows to hand by lunch and lost as many...the afternoon was spent catching nice big wild brookies on small nymphs in a dam was fun! Friday, oh Friday!! I really thought we were on the verge of the first skunk of the year...we tried some water to the West but it hadn't gotten the rain...slow going with spooky fish...ended the day with only 3 small fish but a lot of laughs...bless the #16 black ant...the weekend bounced back great and the fish were back on the bite!! Yesterday alone I counted 35 takes to a dry fly after lunch...great fun...water temps still holding their own but some of the bigger water is best fished in the early am!!
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Over the last 4 days we have gotten some much needed rain and cooler temps!!...the fishing to this point has been outstanding!!!...mornings are still averaging 20 hookups with fish all over 16 inches!!...and the afternoons are endless hookups to a big fluffy dry fly that is easy to see:) any one of many pristine vt. mountain streams. Alan and Nancy fished with me on Wednesday and we had a hoot!...they made their yearly trip back from the south 2 weeks early just to get in on the good action and they were not disappointed...lots of laughs and some cussing:)...Thursday I fished with Eric from the Cape and he hadn't had many days with a fly rod in his hand but now sees a whole different world through once were spin fishing eyes:)...we had a 20 inch rainbow explode out of the water 4 ft in front of us and almost knocked us both over!!!...needless to say the fish won that battle:)...hope you are all is too short to work everyday and not enjoy the great outdoors!
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Well to put it best the fishing is just great right now!!...big fish in the am and eager mountain stream brookies and browns and some rainbows in the pm on dry flys!! There are lots of insects and rising fish and the black flys and skeeters aren't that bad!! We fished over Memorial Day weekend with 3 different parties...we started off on Saturday with Larry from CT. and we just plain put on a clinic in the am landing 20 trophy rainbows before lunch with nobody else around us catching a thing :)...then off to Furnace Brook where we banged 10 nice little fish in 2 hours...we ended the day on Mendon Brook and lost track of the fish caught there!...lots of action Sunday... Kevin, Jack and Mike from CT. joined me...we were into rising fish right from the get go!! Jack landed 5 but nobody else scored early...then a quick stop for a trophy fish and in one long run we hooked 7 in an hour...what a hoot!! We fished a small stream after lunch until 3:30pm and caught some brookies...later Doc, Lady Kat and George met me at 4pm and we fished til dark...the kids just hammered the brookies...Kat had 4 in the 11 inch range, it was a hoot!! Monday was just a morning session with Larry's 2 kids...they did great! We caught 6 brookies...neither of them are even 10 years old yet...lots of fun...hope everybody is getting the line wet as its the time to do it!! We got some rain today and we needed it! I spent 7 hours in front of the vise today catching up tying flies :)
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A beautiful little brookie for Groundblind from PA

Cooks Kids
Cooks Outdoor Adventure Camp 2011 Fly Fishing Day

Alan, Nancy and Kids
Alan, Nancy and the kids...great day of fishing!

Victor with a nice 'bow.

Nancy aka The Emerger
Nancy 'the emerger' strikes again with a beautiful late October wild rainbow on the Redneck Prince.

Larry with a pretty fall rainbow.

Otter Al
Otter Al with a nice autumn rainbow.

Nick NJ
Nick from NJ with a nice wild brown that fell to a tweenie

Randy cold brown
Huge upper cold river brown on a dry fly on a day off

George from NY with a hopper eating rainbow

Larry with another great fish in round two.

Larry from Norwolk, CT. with a nice rainbow

RJ with a nice rainbow in late June

It doesn't matter what kind of rod you put in a kids hands, just take him fishing! Fred from Rutland Town.

Nancy aka The Emerger
Nancy (aka The Emerger) with a great rainbow

Meredith from NY with a pretty wild mtn. stream brookie

Connor from NY with his first fish on a fly rod

John from NY with a nice rainbow

Dennis PA
Dennis from E-town PA with a huge rainbow

Jason Fla.
Jason from FLA with a huge May rainbow